Laugh, Learn and Ride

My 18 month old, has never gravitated toward a toy like he does for this one. He has always been a bit of an energetic child who easily gets bored with whatever toy he has. My boyfriend and I have scoured the internet and toy stores to find something to enrich and entertain him. Lucky for us, we found – Fisher-Price’s Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy!


He immediately attached himself with the puppy. He would take it into any room he went. We were so happy that we had finally found a toy he would enjoy! We were astonished when he started to sing along to the toy’s songs. After little more than a month, he had begun to speak in semi-coherently! He was able to point out colors and gleefully shout: “green!” We were floored!


The only downside to the product, that we found, was that the wheels on the puppy have a tendency to get stuck. We would hear he pulling the puppy around with some frustration. This prompted us to investigate. We had discovered that the left front wheel would get stuck, causing the toy to veer to the left. My husband simply had to jiggle and work at the wheel for a few minutes and it was good as new! We’ve only had this issue maybe two or three times in the few months that we have had the toy.


For all those mothers interested in this toy, I know of a couple retailers carrying it. We got ours from Amazon. It cost us $48 and arrived within a few days. It is also available at Walmart. However, it is steeply more expensive at $107. Some Sears also have it readily available, but you will be lucky to find one. Due to both convenience and cost, I would recommend purchasing one from Amazon.


I love this toy. I think it is a great addition to our family. It makes him giggle, sing, and seems to have a beneficial effect on his development. We love that he is developing a sense of numbers and the ability to identify and name colors. We think that the toy is adorable. And despite the fact that the wheel has gotten stuck a few times, it is put together incredible well. Speaking mother to mother here, I would highly recommend this toy to anyone with an energetic youngster walking, crawling, or waddling around the house. I would rate this toy was 4.5/5. Absolutely incredible!

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