Learning First 100 Words

If you’re a mother searching for a learning book for your baby, I recommend checking out LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book. As the title implies, this book has at least one hundred words for your baby to learn. The Monkey, Tiger and Turtle will teach your infant or toddler words related to animals, food, clothes, colors and more. There are a total of twelve categories, so your baby will have a wide variety of vocabulary words to get to learn. All they have to do is touch the word on the page to hear it said out loud along with a sound effect. And we all know how babies like to grab and touch things.

Not only does this Learning Friends word book have words and sound effects, it includes songs. This can be an exciting and effective way to engage your baby and help them remember all the words they’re learning. The songs can be played by pressing the star button. This book also includes the option of hearing the words in Spanish which can be interesting whether or not you plan on raising them to be bilingual.

This Learning Friends 100 Words book is a fun and interactive way for your child to learn basic vocabulary words for when they start kindergarten. Once they do start kindergarten, it can provide at home practice for when they’re being taught the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc.

Scout’s Learning Lights has dozens of songs and tunes to keep pre-kindergarten infants occupied and entertained while teaching them at the same time.

I think this Learning Friends 100 Words book is great for any mother who wants their infant to learn the alphabet and other basic vocabulary. It’s a toy that can double as a homework tool if you decide to send them off to pre-school. And if you’re not going to be sending them to pre-school, this word book can give them a head start to prepare them for kindergarten. If they happen to be a slow learner or have a disability, this book can help them stay caught up with their grade level.

The Learning Friends 100 Words book is colorful, musical and fun for any infant or toddler. It’s an effective learning tool that can keep them occupied when they start to become a handful for you. It’s interactive and playful learning which is the best kind of learning. It deserves a rating of 5 stars.

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