Let’s Rock and Roll

Hi, I’m Rocktopus! Let’s Jam!
There are plenty toys on the market that teach kids counting and alphabetical skills, but finding the right toy for your child that teaches music can be a bit difficult. However, the iconic toy company Fisher-Price has come out with a product that may be perfect for your little one learning the basics of instrumental sounds. The Think & Learn Rocktopus is an easy but engaging toy that helps children learn five different musical styles and up to fifteen different kinds of instruments.

The way it works is simple. After turning on your Rocktopus, place up to four pegs at a time into the receptacles at the end of its legs. Each of the fifteen pegs has a labeled picture of a different instrument. Once placed in a receptacle, the Rocktopus will play aloud the selected instrument in rhythm with any other pegs you choose. There are speed up and slow down buttons as well.

Along with teaching music, the Rocktopus also has math and game features. In math mode, Rocktopus will ask you to add or subtract pegs and teach you simple arithmetic as you do so. In the game mode, the Rocktopus will light up certain pegs at certain times. Your child will then press down the pegs in a whack-a-mole fashion, allowing them to have fun playing while learning concentration skills.

I would give the Think & Learn Rocktopus 4.5 out of 5 stars. There are a few minor issues with the toy, one being the fact that there is really no compartment to store all 15 musical pegs (besides the box it came in), the other being the price (usually ranging from a reasonable $25-$35 but at times reaching as high as $60 or $70). Besides these things I think the Rocktopus is a wonderful toy for kids. It does range from ages 3-6, but with supervision it can be enjoyed really by any young child. Research shows that small children learn best from hands-on, kinesthetic learning devices, and the Rocktopus is just that. It is easy to use, but the many options it gives kids in which to go about playing with it leaves a lot of room for variation and creativity. I think for many parents the ideal toy is an educational one that their child has so much fun playing with they don’t know they’re learning. It you’re looking for a toy like that for your toddler, you can’t go wrong with the Think & Learn Rocktopus.


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