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A Look at Sesame Street Elmo’s “On the Go Letters”

I’m a mom who only wants to get the best for my little one. I’m exactly like countless other mamas in that sense. I constantly test out every product that comes my way. I recently tested at Sesame Street Elmo’s On the Go Letters. I’m 100 percent glad that I did so, too.

Why do I love this product so much? This product, first of all, promotes education. I adore teaching my little one about reading and spelling. These striking and colorful letters can help instill a lifelong passion for reading and writing in youngsters.

My daughter couldn’t stop staring at this set when I first got it for her. Kids are drawn to colors. This product is so bright and cheery that it actually did a good thing for my spirits. It made me feel as though I could conquer the day.

The Boons of On the Go Letters Use

If you’re searching high and low for toys that are simultaneously educational and entertaining for kids, then this option is precisely the thing that you need in your life. It makes the whole concept of learning about how the alphabet works a piece of cake for any parents.

Kids can associate the letters that are in this set with Sesame Street characters that they appreciate the most. Once a child finds a letter he wants, he can proceed with ease. He can put the letter in its right position. He can then wait a second or two for the hooking action to occur. Kids can go forward with all sorts of letter combinations. That’s how they can come up with words that are basic. They can even come up with words that are a bit more complex for good measure. The lower section of the kit has a window that opens users up to spelling things out as they wish.

Storage of this product is a total breeze. That’s yet another reason I adore it to bits. I despite nothing more than clutter on my floors. Once my child completes her On the Go Letters session, she can fold the kit up with ease and speed on her side. Safeguarding the carrying case is simple as can be.

This product is ideal for kids who are in preschool. It’s made up of a total of 26 vibrant and unforgettable letters. If you have a child in your world who is anywhere between two and four years in age, then you won’t be able to turn away from this offering. This is one of the smartest toy purchasing decisions I have ever made in my life, and that’s the truth.

Rating: *****

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