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VTech Little Apps Tablet Review
Finding a toy for a toddler can be challenging. Let alone one that will their attention. That is why I am here to review the VTech Little Apps Tablet. Read this article to understand if it will add to your child’s growth.

Unboxing and Packaging
The VTech Little Apps Tablet is easy to get out of the package as it is held in by only a few large twist clips. Additionally, I like that my child can play with the item before it is taken out of the package since it has an open-faced front. In terms of batteries, it comes with two AA batteries for a quicker unboxing process.

I like this product for the number of features that it includes. The VTech Little Apps Tablet has a number of games and puzzles that encourage learning letters and numbers. It also includes picture puzzles that will engage your child. The screen lights up in different colors, but is a little small. This might be a personal preference. I enjoy the colorful array of interactive buttons, so I don’t mind that much. Another consideration is that it has a volume control button for us adults. This toy also turns off after a few minutes of inactivity to save battery life. What I’ve found through sifting through different reviews is that the product is recommended for ages 2-5. I feel as though few toys actually engage such a large age Spectrum.

Product Description and Hardiness
This toy is made to be incredibly durable. It also is great for its portable feature. I really like that this product can be taken on a long road trip, or to the doctor’s office. This makes it convenient for us moms when we need to get things done. In addition to it being durable, it is also not that expensive for the number of features that it offers. You can find it for about $16 on Amazon and Walmart, and around $20 at Kohls.

Possible Hazards
In terms of the product itself, there are very few risks or hazards unless a button falls off of the toy. I prefer toys that are made out of natural products, but this one looks to be made of typical plastics. Please take that into consideration for your child. The only thing I found to be dangerous is that there might be tape, plastic sheets and packing material found within the package. Just be sure to discard these after you open the package.

Overall, this toy is engaging and colorful, keeping your child entertained while you need to get chores done or see the doctor. For the many benefits that it can offer our children, I will give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It would have been 5 stars if it were made out of natural products. I hope that this helps you decide on if this product would be a great addition to your child’s toy collection.

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