Little Trains

My son received this Christmas present just before his fourth birthday in 2019. He loves it! It is one of his favorite toys. He’s always at his train table racing the cars around the track. I love how it helps to build his motor skills and we can review his colors using the brightly painted cars.

His set came with twelve different train cars that have moving wheels and magnetic connection points. There’s an engine, caboose, and a variety of other cars like the tender and the hopper. One awesome feature of this set is that it is compatible with the Thomas the Train wooden tracks and cars. When my son opened this gift, I was concerned that he couldn’t use it in conjunction with his existing train pieces. I’m happy to report that my fears were quickly set aside when he rushed upstairs to try out his new set. The cars fit perfectly on the track he already had and they easily connected magnetically to the train cars he owns from other playsets.

As I always do when my kids receive new toys, I hopped online to check their safety ratings and reviews. I was relieved to see the reviews were positive, with no complaints about parts falling off or poor quality. The paint used on them is lead-free and the trains meet the ASTM safety requirements. This was great news because it not only meant it was safe for my son and his sister to play with, but it gave me the green light to buy more train parts and sets from this company in the future.

My son already had some Thomas the Train tracks and cars, which cost a good deal of money. This train set by Play22 is a fantastic alternative to those high priced sets put out by other brands. I wish I’d known about these before I purchased all the expensive ones.

Kids are tough on their toys. That’s why I only get the wooden train sets, cars, and tracks. Plastic is too easily broken and can leave sharp edges that are dangerous for the children. Cars get dropped, thrown, and fall of the table. So the biggest test for these cars was whether or not they could stand up to the rough play my four-year-old son can dish out with his seven-year old sister. It is now seven months later and I am ecstatic to share with you that not one single car has broken!

I give this train set five out of five stars for its design, durability, compatibility, and price. If you’re interested in this set you can find it at Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Kmart.

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