Make Mowing Fun

Teach your child the importance of upkeep on their lawn and give them some fun with this bubble mower from Lydaz. Perfectly sized for a toddler, these bubble mowers feature realistic sound effects and fun bubbles. By adding some AA batteries, your child can have a thrilling time and pretend to be “just like” their parents using their bubble mower. Press the button on this bubble mower to stop and start the fun of the bubbles.

What Will They Learn?

In addition to associating fun with necessary tasks, this bubble mower will teach your child about the importance of taking care of their things. This toy will use the power of role playing to teach a child all about the importance of performing proper upkeep on all that they have.

What Are the Safety Concerns?

This toy features nothing that may pose a choking hazard, though it is important to keep an eye on your child and be vigilant about keeping the bubble solution out of their reach. If your child is very small, using this toy may lead to trips and falls. Be vigilant about their balance when they are using it. Overall, this bubble mower is a safe toy for children of all ages. I love how safe this toy is mixed with how much fun it can offer.

It This Mower Recommended for Boys or Girls?

The best part about this toy is that it is completely gender neutral. Any child, no matter their gender, can emulate mom or dad with ease and while having a blast. The Lydaz bubble mower can be used to teach a child the importance of performing simple upkeep and teach them how to stay balanced while pushing something in front of them. They will love the realistic sound effects and the wonder of the bubbles filling the air around them.

Where Can I Purchase This Toy?

This bubble mower is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or just because they deserve a toy. You can find it on Amazon, Walmart or EBay. Read reviews posted by parents like you to gain more information about how your child will love this toy.

How Many Stars?

This toy receives 5 stars because it is fun toy that can teach children useful lessons. Your child can use it to emulate the actions of their parents and learn all about the importance of performing necessary tasks.

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