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Old Navy Maternity Sweetheart Swimsuit

When you’re pregnant, as soon as you submerge yourself into the pool, you start to notice that the weight that your carry around your belly on a daily basis is lighter. For many, a swimming pool can help relieve back pain, tension, and other issues that come along with being pregnant. While pregnant, one of the keys to enjoying time spent in the water is finding the perfect swimsuit.

For me, it was the Old Navy Maternity Sweetheart Swimsuit. After spending a lot of time searching, I decided on this Old Navy swimsuit for several reasons. Obviously it was the swimsuit’s appearance that first got my attention. With a ruched top and a sweetheart neckline, the suit adds just enough detail to prevent it from being considered plain. At a glance I could tell that the leg openings weren’t going to be to high, meaning I wouldn’t have a problem with the suit riding up as I made my way around the water.

Upon closer inspection, I found that a padded shelf bra helped the top of the suit to keep its shape and also provided a little bit of extra support. Grip tape runs over the entire neckline of the suit to help make sure the suit stays up where it should, even while moving around in the water. If a woman wanted to change up the look of the suit and avoid tan lines, the spaghetti straps are removable. In reality, the straps don’t offer much in the form of support for the top of the swimsuit anyway.

Once I had the suit on, I realized that there was more to it than just an attractive cut. It was true to size and fit well. The boning on the side of the suit added a little more structure than some of the other suits I tried on. I had to admit that this suit was one of the more comfortable that I had checked out and it had everything I needed to feel good while hanging out around the pool. Despite being a one-piece suit, it was easy to get on and off.

The Old Navy Maternity Sweetheart Swimsuit can be purchased online at Old,, and It seems that other soon-to-be mothers give the suit a little over four stars when writing their reviews but the problems that few of the women noted weren’t my experience at all. I give the suit 5 stars and would encourage anyone looking for a maternity swimsuit that looks and fits well, to check out the Old Navy Maternity Sweetheart Swimsuit.

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