Meet Spike The Hedgehog

When I go shopping for my one-year-old, I like to buy toys and activities that are colorful, engaging, and that is also educational. I want my son’s toys to teach him about either colors, shapes, the alphabet or a combination of a few different topics. This communicates to him and instills in his thinking that learning is fun and is fun and also a part of his daily life and routine. Spike The Hedgehog is a toy that I would highly recommend because it is colorful and engaging. It helps your child to develop fine motor skills with the chunky, peg-shaped pieces and it is a very visually stimulating toy as it is colorful and interesting to little ones.

The quills are different colors, the colors are vibrant, and he’s a friendly-looking little hedgehog which communicates to my son that animals can be friendly rather than scary. Spike the Hedgehog helps children to develop skills such as color recognition, sorting and counting and is easy for little hands to handle. This set comes with the hedgehog, activity guide, ad 12 quills. The hedgehog is about six inches, and it’s the perfect toy for children ages 18 months and up. Spike the Hedgehog is easy to store and is easy-to-clean. The quills are stored inside the hedgehog (it comes in two pieces that snap together) so you won’t lose the pieces. It is also made by Learning Resources, a company that is well-known for its educational and high-quality products and is a trusted brand by many parents.

The object of the game is to help Spike the Hedgehog to get his quills back because he lost all of them. You simply need to put his quills back into his back, and your child will also learn about counting, colors, sorting, and shapes along the way. It is a fun game that can be played again and again and will be sure to provide your child with hours and hours of fun. I also like that it doesn’t require batteries and is not over-stimulating like so many of the toys on the market these days are. It is perfect for quiet time, or you can even take it with you to the doctor’s office or to a restaurant when you want your child to be occupied for some time.

Overall I give Spike the Hedgehog five stars because it offers imaginative play that is also educational and interactive. You can pick one up from any of your favorite retailers or if you prefer not to shop in-store you can always order it online and have it delivered directly to your door such as through Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or, of course, Amazon.

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