Messy Fun? No Problem.

Crayola Art Smock

Kids and art are two wonderful and exciting things. Yet, they can also be very messy and make cleanup a chore. Especially when you combine art with your kids, the result can be very beautiful but extremely messy. If you are a parent like me and are thinking of how you can keep your kid relatively clean and mess free when doing an art project or activity then check out the this simple art smock from crayola.

You may wondering does my baby really need a smock? Well consider the fact, that what if your child gets paint or glue on their clothes? Cleaning that up could be tough. Why not just put a smock on them and let them have as much fun as they can without creating a mess? That is my thinking and why I have decided to go ahead and try a smock on when doing art activities with my baby son.

The smock that I am talking about is made by Crayola. You are probably familiar with this company from their landmark product crayons that you may have even used yourself to color in pictures while in school. I myself used Crayola crayons and their products are made to be as safe as possible for kids. The crayons I used were non-toxic back then and they probably have gotten even safer now.

So now back to the smock. The smock I am discussing here is a very simple one. It costs around $3-4 so it won’t make a dent in your wallet at all. You can find it on Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and Toy’s R’us. If you are lucky you may be able to score a free shipping deal on these sites.

What I like about the smock is that it is reusable. You can wash it or wipe it down to remove paint and smudges. There is no need to buy a whole pile up them. 1 or 2 is fine, just clean them after doing some art with your baby. The Crayola Art Smock features three pockets, which your child can use to store crayons, pencils, brushes etc. The head slit is very big. It does not matter if your baby has a big head or a small head, it will fit right over it. Secure the smock around your baby by trying knots at the top and side. This smock can be thought of like a mini apron for your baby. It even has art themed decor.

The Crayola Art Smock is priced very affordably and is easy to use. While it does not offer full body protection, it is better than nothing. The size of it is small, but it is just right for younger babies and smaller sized babies. It is lightweight, has storage pockets and can be tied securely. I rate the Crayola Art Smock a 3 out of 5stars.

Here is where you can shop around for it. Have fun!


Buy Buy Baby

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