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Every young girl learns from their mother, including the little habits like putting on makeup. There are many toys in the market today geared at young girls that focus on the joy applying makeup. The PixieCrush Deluxe Play Kid Purse Set for Girls contains many items that help young girls fulfill this play fantasy. With five different items, including the purse that includes the other items, your girl will have no problem getting out tons of enjoyment out of this set as they will learn how to pretend to act like an adult. The set includes the purse, a cell phone for your girls to pretend to make important calls, pretend keys that let your child pretend she’s going out shopping in her fancy car, a pretend makeup kit set and a fake tube of lipstick. With these items, my young child was up and pretending to be the next hot young professional and having the time of her life while doing so.

I bought this product for my youngest daughter, who is 2 years old, and while she loved it I also found that my two other daughters, aged 4 and 7 both got a kick out of this set as well. I found that this playset let my children engage in imaginative play that let them learn about real life experiences that they are too young to yet experience for themselves. It is important to teach young girls about how to function in society and how to react emotionally when certain circumstances come up. This set promotes the usage of cooperation to get ahead in life, teaches them the idea of taking turns, sharing responsibilities and thinking through problems and solving them creatively.

The build quality of the items within this set are of very high quality. Although the items within the set are not real, the craftsmanship that went into building this play set is very realistic and I managed to find myself mistaking some of the items within it for my own. This was good for a laugh between me and my daughters. This is a very good thing, if a little confusing, because it lets your young girl be imaginative without creating a mess like letting her use your real makeup would. It is a massive time and effort saver as it allows you to teach makeup application while not having to do any special cleanup, leading to more time you get to spend with your family.

The PixieCrush Pretend Play Kid Purse Set for Girls is one of the best items you could buy to teach your young daughter about adulthood. It is available from many retailers.

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