Mirror Mirror on the Floor

Sassy Floor Mirror

Anyone with a tiny new addition to their family will know how important it is that they grow up happy and healthy. Parents want to have plenty to entertain their child while still being able to stimulate growth and development at the same time. There are numerous amounts of toys and devices available that can do all this and more. The Sassy Floor Mirror is one example that will intrigue any child. With enough shine to catch the little one’s attention, and all the bells and whistles it needs to hold it, this is one product every parent needs in their home.

*Mirrored surface promotes optical development
*Lightweight design is east to set up or store
*Spinner toys will hold baby’s attention
*Bright and colorful for added fun
*Soft frame for added safety
*Available at many retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Buy Buy Baby


While trying to decide which items to include in a child’s nursery, a parent must make sure everything is bright and fun as well as safe. The sassy floor mirror seems to have it all. It is brightly colored with adorable creatures just screaming to be played with. The mirrored surface will let babies see themselves which is excellent for vision growth. In addition, it is compact and only weighs a little over six ounces, so there will never be any strain on the parent. The soft cover and well constructed toys are entertaining as well as safe. From the manufacturer’s description of the toy, it appears that any child would love to have the Sassy Floor Mirror close by.


While many customers are completely satisfied with this product, others bring up a few valid points. The mirror itself is not flat and therefore distorts anything in the reflective surface. The distortion has made people wonder how it actually helps a child’s eyes develop properly. The picture on websites is also said to be slightly misleading. It appears to be a good size and able to stand up on its own. To be fair, the actual size is listed under the product description even if the picture looks different. The mirror itself is about the same size as a sheet of paper. Among the user comments, many have stated that is incredibly difficult to get the product to stand up, and they usually end up laying it down flat in front of their child.

Overall Rating

The Sassy Floor Mirror is an interesting toy that any child can have fun with. While there are some negative qualities to this product, most customers are satisfied with their purchase. Overall the floor mirror earns four out of five stars. It is an entertaining toy that parents and children will love, though some minor design flaws make it fall short of perfect.

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