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Dress Your Baby for Success

What’s more precious than a baby’s feet? Nothing. That’s not true; baby shoes are cuter, but not by much. The moment I found out I was having a girl, I think I bought every pair of baby shoes ever made. I lined them up in my new nursery, pared them with outfits, and spent hours choosing which pair my daughter would wear home from the hospital. When it was time to bring her home, I put on her little dress and shoes to match and basked in the glow of all the oohs and aahs. We didn’t even make it to the car before one fell off, lost forever in the parking lot. Undeterred, I dressed her everyday with her matching shoes. None stayed on her feet for more than a few moments. And then I found baby moccasins at

Who Doesn’t Love a Cute Pair of Shoes?

I love buying a new pair of shoes, but I’ve discovered that buying adorable baby shoes is more fun, and finding darling shoes is easy because they are everywhere. Keeping them on your baby’s feet is the trick. Freshly Picked solved that problem with elastic around the opening that fits snugly without cutting off circulation. They stay put. Easy to slip on and easy to slip off, these moccasins come in a variety of colors and true sizes for babies and toddlers 1 through 10. If your baby has chunky, extra wide, or long feet these moccs will fit and show off their feet with style. I can’t pick a favorite color, but I am partial to the frosted rose, the coral, and the raspberry. If you like bling, the platinum dress up any outfit and give your little girl the famous look she deserves. They also come in great colors for boys like camo, ebony, glacier, and Prince George. The fringe around the ankle is just too cute for words, and my daughter loves to play with them.

You Get What You Pay For

Every pair of Freshly Picked moccasins are hand-made in the Untied States from 100 percent genuine leather and will arrive within ten to fifteen days. They are soft and pliable, wrapping your baby’s feet in warm comfort on cold days and breathable relief on hot summer days to keep your little bundle of joy healthy and happy. Durable and long-lasting, your baby will grow out of them before they wear out. On the go is best for these moccasins, and infants and toddlers can run, play, get dirty, and look good all at the same time without worry of losing them, scuffing them, or tearing them up. Wet grass and water puddles are no match for these adorable moccs; they protect and keep your baby’s feet dry in all kinds of weather. Even at $60.00 a pair, the money you spend will save you in the end because they last forever.

Make Your Baby a Star

Be the first parent at the park with a baby dressed like a celebrity. Freshly Picked baby moccasins have been featured in, In Touch Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, and Parenting Magazine. The television show “Shark Tank” featured these endearing moccasins and the fashionable look took off to be worn by the babies of celebrities. Even the Kardashians dress their babies in these gorgeous moccs. Both of Kourtney Kardashians’ children have been seen wearing them everywhere.

You can buy these perfect shoes on ebay and right from Freshly Picked. Don’t let your baby go another day without a pair of Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins. Order a pair, or five, today.

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