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Oeuf Pure & Simple Changing Pad 2

There is nothing like the joy of knowing that my baby is using the best and safest products that I can provide. Before I purchase goods for my home and child, I find myself meticulously ensuring that the product is comfortable, safe, easy to use, and also a positive fit for my home. Today’s product review is dedicated to one of my favorite items, which is the Oeuf Pure and Simple Contoured Changing Pad. This changing pad has a number of great features that truly make it worth buying. Hopefully you’ll read the review and end up loving the product as much as I do.

Dedicated for Good

As with most Oeuf products, their items represent the entire belief of, “be good.” This motto truly materializes in their products through their fashionable and craftsman designs, their belief in local values, and especially their dedication to making products that are environmentally safe and eco-conscious through using natural materials. While my child can’t understand the concept at present, I do believe that what I buy my baby will influence them later in life. A child that is accustomed to good, safe, and eco-friendly material will do promote the same beliefs in his or her adulthood.


The first great feature of this product aside from the brand, is its composition. This baby changing pad is made from 69% fiberboard and 31% urethane foam. Beginning with fiberboard, it is essentially made out of wood waste fibers. The benefits of this material is that it is safe for your child, it is natural, and it is very eco-friendly. On the other hand, urethane foam is a very popular material that it is used in bedding. This material is especially prominent in mattresses, which is why it serves as the soft component of the changing pad. In this particular instance, the urethane is made of plant based foam. Also, because of the material type, it can be adjusted by the manufacturer to fit a certain level of softness. I can attest that this changing pad has a plush softness for your child and is extremely supportive and comfortable.

The Water Proof Cover

As a mother, you have a million and one things to do throughout your day. But one of those things on your extensive to-do list should not be to constantly wash a changing pad. Some changing pads are notorious for not being waterproof, which results in mess and leakage that adds to your laundry list. This product simply takes that problem away. The Oeuf changing pad comes with a waterproof cover that is simple to wipe up without the hassle of the washer and drier.


You’ve probably been in the following situation before – you’ve bought a changing pad, placed your baby on it, and suddenly noticed that the item is prone to slipping and sliding as you attempt to change your child. It’s a dangerous and stressful situation to be in. This product, however, comes with an adjustable strap that you can attach to any dresser.

Final Review

Overall, I can honestly say that I love this product. It’s easy to use, plush for my baby, safe, chemical free, natural, and it supports a company that believes in the same family and environment positive tenants that I believe in. You really can’t make a better choice. I’d rate this product a 4.9/5, and only because I wish it came in a fun design or a color apart from white. Otherwise, it would be perfect. For those of you ladies that are considering purchasing one for your own baby, you can find it at the following retailers:



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