No More Drooling

Having and raising children is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Finding ways to make that easier can be a challenge! When babies start teething they become agitated very easily because they are in pain. Back in the day, women used alcohol to rub on their babies gums to relieve the pain, but now we have better options. Teething rings and anbesol are the treatments of choice now. Teething rings can be placed in the freezer for additional pain relief; even the solid ones that have no fluid in them to freeze.

Teething rings attached to bibs are the ultimate solution! As babies teeth, they tend to slobber all over everything and everybody. Bandana bibs are both stylish and functional. Now available anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00, these organic teething bibs are awesome! Baby can teeth and drool without getting that nasty rash under the chin. As a new mom, this was one of the most annoying aspects to teething. The drool irritated my baby’s skin and he was constantly chaffed on his neck. These bandana bibs are the answer to that problem. These are soft, unlike the traditional bibs that are concerned only with being waterproof, and do not have that plastic backing that gets hard and cracks. These bibs are made of very soft multi layered material.

The other very cool thing about these bibs is that they have the teething ring attached to them. No more having to search floors at restaurants, stores, or in the car. No more having to worry that if baby drops it on the floor baby can get it back into his/her mouth before you can stop him/her. Then you have to sterilize the teething ring before you can let baby have it back. If you are out and about, this can be problematic. These bibs have teething rings that are detachable, BPA free, and can go in sterilizers just fine. They have no liquid in them, but putting them in the freezer will cool them off for inflammation relief.

The selling points for these types of bandana bibs are:
100% organic
Unisex – good color selection for either sex (perfect for a shower gift)
Soft material at the neck
Multiple snaps for best fit
Absorbency – front soaks up all of the drool leaving baby dry
Machine washable – wash in low temperature, no bleach, tumble dry
Attachable teething ring
On a one to six star rating system, I would rate these bibs at a solid six stars.



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