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Learning Resources Pretend & Play® Fishing SetAs a mother of young ones it is important to me that my home is a safe and fun environment. I don’t want harmful chemicals, paints, or plastics around my children. I also don’t want our home to be cold and clinical either. So, I have diligently searched for fun and safe toys and accessories for my little ones to play with. An imagination is a wonderful thing and toys that allow growing mind to “pretend play” are favorites for us.

Melissa & Doug toys not only meet my safety requirements, and the governments for that matter, they also provide tons of fun and allow children to use their imaginations while cooking, cleaning, building, and with this cute fishing set, pretending to catch fish. The Pretend and Play Fishing Set comes with a pole with a magnetic hook and a net. It also includes some worms and fish that have the magnets imbedded so little hands can’t pry them off. A cute vest and tackle box round off the set. The vest is adjustable so it can be fitted to different children, or just adjusted as they grow.

It is recommended for ages three and up. My youngest wasn’t quite three when I purchased ours for her older sibling. She loved it right away and they had to have several lessons about sharing. Sometimes they even worked together as one would arrange the fish in the “water” while the other manned the pole. We have used the fish in mop buckets, small swimming pools, bath tub (yes they float and can go in the water), or just on the living room carpet. Everything fits right back in the tackle box for easy storage too.

Melissa & Doug also have a cute camping set that would be great with this Pretend and Play Fish Set. For more information on Melissa & Doug toys you can check out their website, you can get info on their safety standard, and you can shop direct from them. Melissa & Doug

If you have Amazon Prime you can get the set there for about $28 with free shipping.

Target has it online for the same price, you will pay shipping here.

We love the set, the colorful fish, the cute little vest, and the kids get hours of enjoyment out of it. The set doesn’t break the bank at under $30 and we can rest easy about safety if our youngest decides she want to eat the fish. So if you are looking for some good pretend and play toys, check out this Pretend and Play Fish Set from Melissa & Doug.

This toy receives a five star rating from this mom.

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