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As a young mother of an infant, one thing that I have found to be a bit cumbersome is searching for breast feeding tops that are a good match for both myself and my baby. As a mother, I of course want only the best products for my baby, but as a woman, I still want to look nice for myself. Today I’m looking at a breastfeeding tank top, the Motherhood Sleeveless Clip Down Double Opening Nursing Cami.

The first thing that I noticed about this tank top is that it is made of a blend of cotton and spandex. I, personally, tend to lean toward 100% natural products when I’m able to do so. However, a cotton and spandex blend tends to create a nice soft fabric that will serve as a nice comfortable surface for your little one’s skin, should they come into contact with one another. The other thing that I noticed rather quickly is that it is a clip down styled top, helping to remove the awkward need to lift your shirt during the breastfeeding process. Trying to maneuver comfort around your shirt for both you and your baby can be a challenge, but the double clip-down style of this shirt helps to eliminate that, and will make for a more comfortable process for both you and your baby.

One aspect of this top that I absolutely love is that it provides much more coverage for mom than many other breastfeeding tops. Most breastfeeding tops that are designed to be pulled down during feeding are cut rather low and style rather loosely, resulting in an increased potential for wardrobe malfunctions. But this top, with its double sided clips, fits snugly and fully covers any cleavage you may want to avoid showing off to the public eye. In fact, the top, with the exception of the clips on either side, is designed very similarly to many standard camis, which allows you and your style to blend in with more mainstream fashions in public. It also serves as a great undershirt, should you choose to wear it under a t-shirt or sweater so as to avoid showing your belly when breastfeeding in public.

One drawback to this particular cami is that on some women it can be a bit baggy under the arms, so as to accommodate the flexibility it needs to clip down and allow for breastfeeding. However, with a built-in support, and room to put your breastfeeding pads inside the tank, many women who have already purchased this top seem to love it.

The top can be purchased in three different colors, and is available in a lot of different locations and online at sites such as, Motherhood Maternity, Destination Maternity, and many more of your favorite maternity and baby supply shops. I gladly give this product 4 stars, and would recommend that any mother looking for a comfortable and versatile breastfeeding top that will provide a comfortable fabric for their baby to feed next to look into getting one or two to help complete their wardrobe.

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