Ombre Isn’t Just for Your Hair

Gap Ombre T-Shirt

There are just some women out there that can continue to wear their pre-pregnancy clothes all the way through their entire pregnancy. Then there are those that can slip into their pre-pregnancy clothes as soon as their bundle of joy has arrived. But most of us fall into the category that continues to wear maternity clothing even after our sweet babies have come. But, this is no cause to be in distress ladies! I’m still wearing one of my all-time favorite maternity shirts that I purchased for less than 10 bucks (because you know how we all love deals right?)! It’s 100% cotton which means you know it’s breathable and is softer on the skin (just to name a few benefits) than most cotton blends. That softness on the skin is what I particularly took notice of while I was pregnant because of how irritated my skin became from stretching itself to house my sweet bee. Thank goodness for lotion and 100% cotton! So the shirt that was irreplaceable during maternity and continues to do me favors even now is the Ombre Essential with the U-neck made by Gap. I just love how the colors darken towards the bottom so it makes me look taller and more slender. I’m still wearing it because it’s still so comfortable. What’s so great about this specific shirt is it’s not like the regular maternity shirts that have the small, fitted waist and then they drape over the belly like a big sheet? They were great while I was pregnant, but not quite flattering after since I didn’t want to exaggerate my new baby belly. The Ombre Essential, although, still a maternity shirt, looks like a t-shirt and wears like one too, so it’s done double duty!

This shirt is so popular that it frequently sells out at the retail stores. Since it’s made by Gap, you can purchase it at

I frequently like to shop with many retailers so you can also purchase it at (where I found it for less than $10!!) and I’ll even include the direct link for you here:

Another place that carries this amazing tee is They also carry the same tee in a different color. My choice is the blue ombre, but if black is more your color here’s the direct link:

My experience with the Ombre Essential shirt was pleasant and comfortable and of course trendy. I would definitely rate this t-shirt with 5 stars out of 5!

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