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The KiddyCare Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer is a pretty good sized caddy. It has three compartments that makes it easy to separate each section of the caddy. The caddy is made with 100% cotton on the exterior which is an added bonus to the soft texture and woven fabric used to line the outside of the caddy. The caddy can be spot cleaned or washed in a gentle wash cycle with a mild detergent, this is great for on the go mommas who want to keep their caddy clean and fresh but don’t have the time to hand wash the entire caddy. The caddy is versatile so it can be used for more than just a diaper caddy, it can be a breast pump and bottle carrier or a bedtime shower kit holder. Once the baby outgrows the caddy it can be used as a towel holder or a small toy bag for stuffed animals and other small toys. I saw quite a few diaper caddies and this one has pretty good reviews so it’s definitely worth giving it a shot, a lot better than the plastic bulky tub caddies that I am used to. The caddy comes in grey and white so it’s considered gender-free if you are considering giving it away as a gift or looking to get it for your own baby.

I’d give this product a 5/5. It’s made with cotton and has a polyester lining. The lining on the inside makes it a lot easier to clean. It’s soft which seems a lot safer for my baby than a plastic tub. I can machine wash it and it’s small enough to be portable if I need to take it to the bathroom for bath time or take it in the car for quick trips.

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror Review:

Okay, so they basically sell the Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirrors everywhere and I love it. These are made of a plastic material, it’s not a true mirror so beware it will not be a proper reflection. The floor mirror is often sold with a canopy set but it can be purchased separately. The floor mirror is flexible so babies can chew on it and move it around without the worry of an actual mirror. I recommend cleaning the toys with a gentle cleaner or even baby body wash before giving this to your baby for the first time. Using a baby floor mirror can help with visual development and the tummy time can help with motor skills and muscle development. As an added bonus it keeps them entertained. This is useful for infants and babies who are still learning the crawl and move around on their own.

I’d give this product a 4/5, it’s portable and useful for infants until they are able to crawl and walk on their own. It’s pretty easy to clean (as long as you don’t scrub the mirror too hard, it will scratch).

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