Park The Cars

Melissa & Doug Nesting and Sorting Garages & Cars is a toy that is made for children age two and up. It’s a learning toy that is very versatile and fun for a child to play with. Both my child and I really like this toy for a variety of reasons.

Toy Description

This toy has seven garages and seven cars. Each car has a color and number on it that matches one of the garages. I really like the color of the toys as they are vivid. The colors are light blue, red, yellow, orange, light green, dark green, and purple. The purple car and garage are the favorite ones for both me and my toddler.

Ways to play

Children can play with this toy in a variety of ways. The garages can be stacked up or built into a spread out town. As each car is a different size kids can match the cars to the garages by color, number, or size. It has really helped my child’s hand-eye coordination as well as her counting and problem solving.

Storage and traveling with this toy

One of the things I like the most about this toy is that all of the garages can be nested one inside the other. This means that you can put the garages and cars away and they will take up very little space.
What is great about the compactness of this toy is that it is easy to travel with. You can easily put it away in a suitcase so your child can play with it while on a trip.

One negative issue

The cars are very durable because they are made of wood. The garages, though, are made of cardboard. While the cardboard is sturdy I don’t think the garages will stand up to rough play very well. On the positive side, this does make the garages easy to keep clean as you can just wipe away any dirt on them.

Where to buy

Amazon has this toy listed for a regular price of $24.99 but it is currently on sale for $22.99. The link to this toy’s page is found here.
Buy Buy Baby, another popular site for buying things for children, also sells this toy for $24.99. It can be found here.
Melissa & Doug Nesting & Sorting Cars & Garages can also be found on Target’s website but not in stores. It is $22.99 and can be found here.

My rating

I give this toy 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a great toy that will really help with your child’s imaginative play. I do need to take half a star, off, though, due to the garages being made out of cardboard rather than wood.

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