Pegs for Learning and Fun

I am a first time mom and I depend on reviews and recommendations for a lot of the toys/gadgets I buy for my baby boy. Funny enough, I bought this toy because my son’s pre-school teacher told me that he absolutely loved playing with the pegs during school! Could you believe that? My son’s teacher had told me that this peg set was my son’s go-to play time activity, whether it be by himself or with his friends. Because of this, I wanted to buy a set for the house so that way I can use it as a bonding/educational session with my son at home. And I absolutely regret nothing about this purchase.

I looked at different website (Listed at the bottom of the article) to see if any store had it cheaper than others – but for the most part, it seems to be around the same price across the board. In my opinion, I do not think 20 dollars is too much for this item.

What worried me at first, was the fact that the actual distributor – Skoolzy – did not have any reviews on their website at all for this item (link is below). For this item to be somewhat popular, I would have thought that it would come with a couple hundred reviews – but there was none. I looked on amazon, and found that there were over one thousand reviews with a rating of 4.5 stars! With that, I already had some comfort in buying this product. Plus, if you have prime, shipping is free!

Here are my “negative” Critiques:

  • I believe the fabrication may cause a very minor safety issue. Meaning, the plastic pegs have barbs in different sizes which is great, but they appear a bit sharp and can hurt the child depending on how they grasp it. I would even say depending on how your child graps the peg, maybe file it down?
  • Because the toy was bought new, the foam needs to be broken in a bit. I would suggest, before or after playtime, leave the pegs in the foam board over night so the foam can be conditioned a bit.
  • the purple and blue pegs are both dark enough where they almost look like the same color. If they were a lighter shade I think it would’ve been better – but it’s not detrimental.

Overall, I would rate this toy 4.5/5 stars as well. I love the drawstring bag it comes with so my son can carry it with him whenever we go on play dates or even to my mother’s house. It is easy to wash and can keep your child busy for about 40 minutes at a time, especially if you are playing with them!

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