Perfect First Puzzles

Ayeboovi Toddler Puzzles are an adorable way for babies of one to three years to learn fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, problem solving, imagination, and story telling. They offer many different sets with an array of animals to choose from. This particular puzzle I decided to review includes eight different animals in twelve different colors.

The animals in this set include a penguin, a turtle, a fish, a crab, and insects including a snail, a cockchafer, a butterfly, and a bee. All of the pieces are colorful to keep babies’ minds stimulated and engaged. The wooden cut-out animal friends are bigger than standard jig-saw puzzle pieces and fit easily in small hands. The puzzle pieces are also smooth-edged so that playtime is safe and accident free. The cut-out pieces fit into slots on the puzzle board, teaching baby shapes, color differentiation, and critical thinking skills. Making up stories and characters with the animals and insects is an exciting and fun learning experience for baby that also helps with language development. I like to encourage my three year old to say the name of the creature, describe what it looks like, what sound it makes, what it eats, and where the creature can be found in nature. Puzzles have various benefits for developing babies’ brains. They learn patience and how to work independently towards a goal. Babies also learn hand-eye coordination and social skills that will help them throughout life. Babies love animals and have a natural curiosity towards them.

These cute animal pieces help them safely learn about various animals and insects. Here are a few links where this playful, interactive puzzle can be purchased:


This toy can be used inside at home as well as outside with family and friends. It will occupy the little one and keep them entertained for thirty minutes or so.

The puzzle pieces are large enough to not be dangerous choking hazards for baby, though parental supervision while playing with the puzzle is still highly encouraged. The paint finish on the pieces is BPA free and environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable, being made of wood. This product is one hundred percent nontoxic, which is great since babies love to explore all objects with their mouths. I highly recommend this product for birthdays, Christmas, or a gift for any occasion. Pick up is also a breeze with a durable and sturdy container to hold the puzzle pieces.

I give this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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