Pizza Doh

Does your little person love getting in the kitchen with you to try their best and help you cook while you are cooking? This can be pretty cute, but it can also be dangerous with their little fingers getting ahold of a knife or touching something hot and getting burned. Instead of them always cooking with you, there is another solution that is both safe and extremely fun and it will keep those cute little hands busy while you work in the kitchen.

Play-Doh Stamp’n Top Pizza Toy gives your little kitchen helper gives your little chef endless possibilities that they can safely play with. This toy set is designed to be safe and fun for kids that are three years old and older! It makes creating food fun and safe again! Your toddler will be able to stamp an almost realistic pizza crust and spin it just like someone in a real pizzeria would! Next, they can use the silly cheese machine to create as much pizza as the pizza can hold, by using the cheese crank to make shredded cheese to go on top of the crust. The kit comes with all the tools your child needs to make realistic pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, and any other topping that belongs on a pizza to make it delicious.

You can feel confident about letting your little ones play with this Play-Doh set and walking away as all the tools are small enough to fit in their hands but large enough that they cannot be swallowed and choked on. All of the little pizza parts may look like a toy to you, but to your child, they may look almost real and so delicious that they just cannot help but put it in their mouth to try it out. If this happens, there is no need for panic! The Play-Doh in this set is non-toxic, so though it may not taste too great, it will not cause your child any harm.

The kit comes with five cans of Play-Doh of all different colors (all the colors that you may find on a real pizza) that are in the standard 2oz cans that most come in, as well as six tools and accessories such as a pizza paddle and a pizza cutter that help their little imaginations take flight and puts them right into their own pizzeria.
If your child is one that loves to play in the kitchen, then this kit is the perfect one to get so they can model the clay into tasty food and cook it.

We give this Play-Doh Stamp ‘n Top pizza kit a 5-star review both for safety and for all the fun they’ll have!

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