Pop, Tumble, and Spin

I love the interaction of the Poppitoppy fun toy and the smile it puts across the face of my little one. There is rarely a moment when I do not hear a huge contagious laugh coming from my little one when they play with this toy. The pop, tumble, and spin toy is a “throwback” to a retro toy design that is simple, easy to use, and provides hours of fun for all ages. Poppitoppy allows my little one to engage a variety of senses in an exiting and playful manner. Little learners can pull various knobs, handles, and buttons of the Poppitoppy to engage little colorful bouncy type balls inside a clear dome. At the bottom of the dome is a reflective surfaces that gives the appearance of endless little balls bouncing around. The sound response the toy gives is natural and fun. Not to loud or soft but just the perfect level of engagement. Poppitoppy use is almost instant and so natural and intuitive. Even the smallest of fingers can easily figure out how to use the toy. This toy is recommend from ages as small as 12 months and up.

The most popular color of Poppitoppy is Orange, however, the toy does comes in a variety of colors to meet the need and taste of user. It is made of safe worry free materials from a small company called B toys. This company puts eco friendly materials at the fore front of their manufacture process and promises to never sacrifice consumer safety. Parents can rest assured that their little ones are not handling toxic or unsafe materials when using Poppitoppy.

Even though your little one appears to just be having fun with this toy, they really are engaging and learning crucial skills. Hand eye coordination along with finger dexterity are in full use when using Poppitoppy. Even though the mechanism of the toy is not difficult to use, it still provides challenges to little fingers and fine motor skills. From a cognitive standpoint, the toy introduces little ones to the concepts of cause and effect. Young minds quickly realize what happens as a result of their action while using Poppitoppy. The balls inside bounce at various speeds and heights depending on the interaction and pressure of the user. Regardless of age, little learners are developing crucial skills and concepts when using this fun, colorful, and engaging toy called Poppitoppy. It can be found at the following retailers by using the links below.



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