Pop, Tumble and Spin

Poppitoppy Fun!
This product is a great choice for moms and dads that want something simple and safe for their little ones to play with. The toy is made from safe materials that won’t harm your little one as he or she plays with it. My favorite part about the toy is that the pop up feature is not overly stimulating for a young baby because it does not include any technology features that can impact the baby’s focusing abilties. The toy is also offered in different colors if your child prefers a certain color. There is also no assembly required, so your child is able to play with it as soon as he or she opens it up. As they push the top of the toy, the balls pop up and down landing in different spots as they continue to play with the toy. The fun part about it is they continue to anticipate where the balls will land as they play with toy making it continuous fun for your little one.
If you are interested in supporting a smaller company rather than the larger brands then this is the toy for you and your little one. It is made by a family owned company that puts little ones first in their production and promotion of their materials. They use their safety features to ensure that only babies of the correct age can use this toy. It is recommended that it be used by little ones 12 months and over, so it can be played with as they grow into toddlerhood. I think toddlers will also love this toy because it helps to increase their motor skills with coordination and introduces them to cause and effects as they begin to interact with the world around them.
You can get this toy at a variety of stores or online through Amazon. You can also pick one up at your local Walmart. The Poppitoppy is also offered on a variety of educational toy websites that discuss the value of the toy in your child’s development as he or she grows. Some smaller independent stores also carry the product.
Overall, I would give this product a 4 out of 5. It is simple and engaging for young minds as they learn cause and effect and work to improve their coordination. The only down side is that it can be loud and may scare some babies who do not like loud noises.
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