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Earlyears Butterfly Busy Buddy BlanketAs a mother, I know how important my role is in providing my children from birth with a healthy, safe and nurturing environment.

I believe the first twelve months of a baby’s life are critical in helping to establish a child’s personality, health and positive learning and behavior patterns.

Through reading books, listening to experienced mothers who I admired, and watching the development of my friend’s children, I came to a conclusion: my active participation in every aspect of my baby’s daily life was more important than anything else. It’s more important than watching day-time television, playing Pokémon Go on my smart phone, and other activities that steal my personal time with my baby.

My children were born using Lamaze child birthing. The women in my class formed a group that met once a month after our children were born to exchange ideas, information, and speak about baby items we’d discovered and wanted to recommend.

The first item I introduced to the group was the Earlyears Butterfly Busy Buddy Blanket. I had received one as a gift when my first baby was six months old. I loved it from the first moment it opened the box!

My husband will testify I’m not easy to please. In fact, I’ll admit I’m sort of a skeptic. For the Butterfly Busy Buddy Blanket to make such a positive impact surprised even me.

Although I loved the bright colors and soft fabric, the skeptic in me said, “Who makes this item?” Before I let my baby play with it, I researched the company who produced it.

Earlyears Company

I was pleased to find that Earlyears baby items have a long and impeccable reputation in the infant toy industry.

Their award-winning toys and baby accessories are known for being safe, high-quality, and designed to stimulate and develop the sensory, motor, cognitive and social skills for infants.

The company was founded in the United Kingdom in 1967. It distributes it line of Earlyears toys through International Playthings. Over the past 47 years, it has become one the largest suppliers of quality baby toys to North America.
Butterfly Busy Buddy Blanket

I describe it as having silky soft fabric that crinkles with every touch to keep baby amused. One the left wing, baby can pull a ribbon and out pops a teether. A baby-safe mirror is attached to the right wing. It has hot pink wings with orange and blue fabric body parts.

It’s described in promotional materials and websites as being:

1. Fun and educational
2. Quality tested
3. Great fun for children from birth and up
4. The blanket has a variety of fun fabrics in bright colors that puts fun into learning
5. It’s great for cuddling
6. The built-in chewy, textured teether soothes the baby
7. Machine washable for easy cleaning

The Busy Buddy blanket is shaped like a butterfly, weighs 0.8 ounces, is 8” x 14.5” and is made with lead-free and latex-free fluffy material.

Product Review

Me- Five-stars-out-of-five. I love this item and so did both of my babies.

Amazon4.6 out 5 stars rating. Typical comment – “My 6 month old niece absolutely loves it & it makes her smile every time she sees it.”

Walmart – “I bought this for my 2 month old (who is now 6 months old) and it has been a huge hit from day one!”

Encantadorara Toys Website – “So many textures, colors and activities for baby to explore. Also great to cuddle with as a blankie and a fun take-along friend.”

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