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The Honest Protective Blanket

We live in a world full of all kinds of wonderful technology. Electricity, telephones, television, internet, and radio — all of these have transformed our lives and made the standard of living so much higher than it was in centuries past. We use technology every day, almost all day. In fact, you are only able to read this because of the computer, laptop, tablet, or phone that you’re using to browse the internet and visit this site.

But while these devices and inventions are incredibly beneficial, it’s hard not to wonder what affects they might have on the vulnerable, still-developing bodies of our unborn little ones. In this day when wireless tech is used virtually everywhere, babies are sure to be exposed to all sorts of radio waves.

While it may be impossible for us to utterly eradicate or hide from electromagnetic waves, the Organic Protective Radiation Blanket blocks 99.9% of them. This means that you can shield your developing baby when you’re using your laptop (or phone, computer, tablet, etc…) and have peace of mind knowing that ambient radiation is being neutralized and blocked by the protective blanket.

Although the effect of electromagnetic waves on unborn children aren’t fully known, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry, and to take extra precautionary measures to ensure your baby has everything she needs to thrive. Draping this blanket over your belly when you’re using various forms of technology is sure to give you extra reassurance that baby is safe and secure as she grows inside of you.

The blanket is lightweight yet cozy, and is made with a combination of certified organic cotton and a patented RadiaShield fabric. It gives you the same amount of protection that a quarter inch thick blanket of aluminum would provide — but in a comfortable, practical manner.

Of course, not everyone reading this is currently pregnant, and you may be wondering how to protect your little one who’s out of the womb. It’s not hard to imagine ways to utilize this blanket after birth – if you use your phone or computer while holding baby, wrap your little one in this blanket to help keep him or her shielded. Nursing baby can be boring without browsing the web or checking Facebook, so draping this over baby is certain to be helpful.

If you let your toddler play with your tablet or phone, you might consider throwing this on their lap. You can’t cover their face with it, of course, but it’ll likely still protect their little bodies from a decent amount of the electromagnetic waves.

At this point, you may be wondering how you can be certain that the blanket actually does what the manufacturers claim it does. After all, how do you know it’s blocking these waves when you can neither see nor feel them in the first place?

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that the effectiveness of the Radiashield fabric has been tested and subsequently verified by independent laboratories. It is FCC-certified and accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program.

Keeping our children safe is so important, and it’s encouraging to see products which work even from the earliest days of our baby’s lives to protect them from things which might not be good for them. I’m giving the Belly Armor blanket 5 out of 5 stars, and if you want to purchase it you can find it on the following sites:

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