Pull, Walk and Dance with Gator

Plan Toys has been making environmentally sustainable toy products for over thirty-eight years. They manufacture toys which are made from their country’s (Thailand) rubberwood tree plants. The result of material from the roots of the rubberwood tree is called “Plan Wood” (compressed rubber tree particles). The toys are supervised to be free from chemicals, preservative-free, they are recyclable, and only water-based inks are also used.

Plan Toys believes in creating toys that are fun, sparks creativity, spurs creative-thinking challenges, can be used as a social interactive solution, and toys that parents want to buy for their kids. Plan Toys designs all of its toys to be environmentally safe and eco-responsible. Plan Toys is a leading eco-friendly manufacturer of safe educational wooden toys for children around the world. Plan Toys carries a global reputation for making beautiful crafted wooden toys.

If parents are looking for the perfect wooden toy with durability, Plan Toys introduces its green and multi-colorful dancing alligator pull toy. The Dancing Alligator is very smooth to the touch but the wheels do have a minor bit of safe texture to them. The pull toy alligator is another innovative and educational toy for toddler boys and girls to play with for hours.

The Dancing Alligator is recommended for kids that are 12 months of age and older. The dancing pull toy alligator is proving to promote the stronger developmental stage of childhood. The little green dancing alligator would make a great safe toy in your child’s collection. The little alligator swings and dances back and forth as your child pulls on its 2-foot long leash. The white leash is made from high-density eco-friendly fiber. Don’t worry mom the leash is threaded through a hole, then using organic glue which makes it stronger and durable so that toddlers can not pull it out. Also, the leash is long enough for parents to pull and play with their children, without stooping over to pull the Dancing Alligator.

The Dancing Alligator moves its little head and tail that bobs all around as your child hears light clickety clapping sounds from its wooden colorful wheels with little paws printed on them. Its mouth opens and closes which brings gingles to kids. Your toddler will be inspired to take the Dancing Alligator for long walks. Don’t worry about your toddler placing any part of the Plan Toys alligator in their mouth because its natural soy, organic rubber-wood base with eco-friendly water-based dyes is safe. The Plan Toys Dancing pull alligator toy is a great motivator if your child is just learning to keep their balance and become more coordinated in their motor skills and sensory stimulation techniques.

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4.5 out 5 stars

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