Push And Pull Along Zebra

One of the joys of being a grandparent is watching the grand children as they play and learn. I was observing my little 2 year old grand daughter as she interacted with what is now her favorite toy during the holidays. It was the Cubbie Lee Adorable pull and push along Zebra. She gets hours of enjoyment playing with her horsey. The adorable zebra is just the right size for her to pull along with her, and she has become attached to it already. The Pull and Push Along Zebra is strong and durable. It has a string attached to the toy that will withstand the most rugged toddler.

My grand daughter’s favorite animated show is about a little girl and her horse. Now she watches the show with her horse right by her side. She strokes the mane, pets it, and offers to give it water. It is so amazing to watch her with the Push and Pull Along Zebra. She takes it to every room with her, and she sleeps with it next to her bed. This toy is one of the best developmental toys for young children. It contributes to the both the motor skills, and the fine motor skills which are very important for a toddler’s development. The Cubbie Lee Zebra push and pull toy is also great for the child who is just learning to walk. They can push the toy as they walk along behind it. Amazon

Like most grand parents, I had to do some research on the Cubbie Lee Adorable Zebra. What I found was astounding. Many people were very satisfied with the toy, and gave it a rave review rating it a four or five star product. Amazon The Cubbie Lee Adorable Pull and Push Along Zebra is only six inches high, and made of durable wood to sustain the roughness it will receive from toddlers. The pull string is sustainable, and will take the tugs and towing from your little one.

The Push and Pull Zebra can easily be the favorite toy for your child, especially if they are exploring their creative skills. Some children will want to cuddle it like a doll, and for some, it will be their constant move around companion. This zebra is an ideal toy for inquisitive young children. They will talk to it as though it were a real person. They will ask questions that only their push and pull zebra can answer. Parents will be comfortable with the toy because there are no removable parts, or any that will accidentally fall off for toddlers to put in their mouth. The zebra is safe and non toxic which is essential for young children. Cubbie Lee Toys


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