Rattle and Roll

We all know babies learn best when they are mimicking the adults around them. Therefore, it makes sense that a popular toy for an infant might be shaped like a mode of transportation that you use regularly. It makes it even better if it makes noises and does other things of interest to engage all of your baby’s senses.This Rattle and Roll Car from ZHFUYS gives you all of that in a safe, simple package. It is perfect for a baby as young as months old.

What Makes It Safe For My Baby?

As a mother, the safety and well-being of your child is of the utmost importance to you. With that in mind, ZHFUYS has designed their Rattle and Roll Car from toxin-free, environmentally safe materials. There are perfectly placed finger holes for baby-sized fingers to easily grasp, making it simple to carry around. These finger holes are also made of a very soft type of rubber, so there is no chance of an accident, and making it perfect for teething babies who have to chew on everything.. Every small part that creates the noise this toy is so popular for is covered in a layer of plastic, allowing your baby to hear their effects without actually coming into contact with them.

Can the Sounds Capture Attention?

Just as your baby can get visual pleasure from seeing the car shae and watching it slide across the floor, as the tactile sensation from the smooth plastic it’s made of, there are five different sounds that can delight any baby playing with this toy. It is only 5 inches in height, but this dynamic toy packs a lot of power. It can capture your baby’s attention with eye-popping colors and loud, rhythmic sound effects.

What Clean Up Is Recommended?

For this toy, it is is not recommended to filly submerge it in atter. Just remember that your baby’s mouth will likely be on this toy, and their hands that were on it are not likely to be far behind. Stop any bacteria in their tracks by wiping this toy down with a soft, damp cloth and some mild soap before and after each use.

The Rattle and Roll Car from ZHFUYS is a great option to get as a gift for your little one – it is brightly colored, appealing in the sounds it makes, and easy to teethe on. Find it on Amazon, Buy Buy Baby or WalMart.

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