Safety Under The Sun with a Stick

The Honest Company Sunscreen Stick SPF 30For several decades, sunscreen has been liberally applied to babies who spend hours in the sun during the summer season. From playing in the pool to talking walks at the park, it’s important for a child’s skin to be protected in their early years. Although sunscreen product works to protect children’s skin from harmful UV rays, the chemicals that most sunscreens contains can be just as dangerous to little ones as the sun exposure they receive. As a mother, I’ve been guilty of slathering on sunscreen on my baby without giving thought to the ingredients that it contained or the effect that it could have on my child’s sensitive skin.

The Honest Company Sunscreen Stick SPF 30 offers the same amount of protection but with added peace of mind for mothers. The all-natural, unscented product contains safe ingredients that still protect the skin when spending plenty of time outdoors. The SPF mineral sunscreen only includes the essentials without extra ingredients that aren’t needed. As a non-whitening, non-nano zinc product, I can liberally apply it onto every member of the family without worrying about the ingredients entering the bloodstream.

As with all Honest products, the sunscreen is packaged in a cute container that is trendy and easy to take on the go. It’s small travel size easily fits into a backpack or purse so I can have it on hand at a moment’s notice. Due to its small size, I can just carry it with me at all times without having to pack it on the days that we plan to spend time outdoors. It also is easy to apply to the hands, feet, and elbows due to its shape when we’re headed outside for a swim meet or simply want to spend a day at the beach.

One of the main problems we had with generic sunscreen is the nasty smell that would be left on our skin until we showered later that night. The kids would complain and hate having it rubbed near their nose or face. The Honest Company Sunscreen Stick does not come with added fragrances, making it easy to apply to each child without added scents. Another issue we had was the greasy texture of typical sunscreens. Even after spending time in the water, each person’s skin still had a greasy residue left over that had to be scrubbed off. The Honest Company Sunscreen Stick has a light texture that doesn’t come with all of extra oil that none of us want to be left on our skin.

Sometimes I also apply the product to my own skin for added protection. I love how there’s not a white residue left on my skin after applying the product, although it can be difficult to remember where it was applied at times when I’m putting more on later in the day. It can be a little difficult to rub into the skin for proper coverage, but still beats using something that has mysterious ingredients that can cause skin reactions and rashes.

Although the product is favorable for moms who want to apply safe products on their children’s skin, the natural sunscreen is a bit steep with its price tag. Each stick comes at about $10 to $30 a pop for just 2.4 ounces, making for quite the investment that may only last a month depending on how much time is spent outdoors.

Mothers who are interested in purchasing the Honest Company Sunscreen Stick can purchase it on,, and

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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