Shine the Light

If there is an educational toy I can recommend to young mothers without hesitation is VTech Spin and Learn color flashlight. Its educational feature is so rich in content and teaches almost everything you want a child to learn, from songs and music to animals, colors, and numbers. These kids of the educational toy are hard to come by in the market.

With kid’s flashlight, your young child cannot get bored as it comes fully loaded with over 50 sing-along songs, sounds, music as well as fun phrases. Not to harm your child, kid’s flashlight toy has five changing colors, which are moderately bright. Don’t struggle to teach your toddler how to count. Kids flashlight has you covered as its early learning center comes fully equipped with count along and learn numbers content. A great toy that every toddler, I think, should have.

The super interactive toy design makes it enjoyable for infants and toddlers aged between one to three years. For ease of use, you can switch the toy on and off as you control the level of volume. It’s battery-powered with two AAA and very easy to operate.

What attracted me to this toy was the features it comes with and how they are skillfully they assist my toddler in identifying them. Color coding them with various colors makes them very unique and captivating to your child. It was fascinating watching a toddler get along with kid’s flashlight buttons and usually trying to imitate the sounds produced.

As a mother, it’s always good to look at the content and the items exposed to your child. Focus on their features and how they influence your child. Kid flashlight was unique to me, especially the three play modes. In these modes, every button captures your child’s attention by way of asking simple questions, playing music and teaching letter, something every mother wishes for her child. The other aspect that I liked was the cute button turns that control the light on and off, pushing your child into exploration mode. And finally, the turning ring is my favorite. With the spinning ring, your child has introduced to a variety of animals as well as six different colors.

Shine the light kid flashlight comes fitted with an easy to grip handle so as your toddler will be able to take and handle the toy without much struggle. Similarly, the toy is not such big as it approximately measures 3 x 4.2 x 5.9 inches. To allow the toddler, explore the toy maximally, the manufacturer made sure the toy is lightweight, with its total weight estimated to be 11.2 ounces.

Based on my experience with shine the light toy, I would give it a rating of 4 stars for the fantastic content and the creativity employed to capture the toddler’s attention.

You can buy this product at Amazon here, or you can order it from Walmart.

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