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Trumpette Lucia Baby SocksSometimes I look at my daughter and wonder what she’s going to grow up to be. A teacher? An astronaut? The first female president of the United States?

I open with these musings because I want everyone to understand that my first thought, upon seeing the Trumpette Lucia Baby Girl Socks, was “Oh my god, she’s going to be a dancer!” The Trumpette Lucias are tiny slipper socks that are designed to look like ballet flats, and I fell in love with them immediately. By the time I left the store, bag in hand, my mind was already full of visions of my little girl twirling and doing pirouettes.

That’s still a long way off, however. She’s only one month old.

Still, if you’re a mother with a vivid imagination, I know these socks will capture your heart as they did mine. That’s why I wanted to review them for everyone today. Let’s take an in-depth look at these little beauties, shall we?


Trumpette socks are basically soft shoes for babies. As I’m sure we all know, very young infants aren’t supposed to wear hard-sole shoes because the muscles and tendons in their feet are still growing. By forcing them into constrictive footwear too soon, you can interfere with their arch development and even cause lifelong deformities.

Trumpette socks represent a compromise between safety and style. There have no hard edges at all, so they aren’t dangerous or binding, but they’re designed to look like shoes, so you can still enjoy the sight of little Johnny in a pair of cleats.

Or little Bee and Baby in a pair of ballet flats, but I digress.


Unlike some of the other socks I’ve tried to wiggle on my daughter’s feet, the Trumpette Lucias slid on smoothly and with no objections from her. I don’t think she even noticed they were there!

Maybe it was the softness. These socks are easily some of the softest I’ve ever felt, not ever scratching or irritating my baby’s skin, which is a miracle in itself. My girl has skin like tissue paper.

Did I mention the gentle coloring as well? They come in pink, purple, yellow, blue, orange and black, all of them soft and pastel-like. There are no retina-blinding florescent colors in this package.


The Trumpette Lucias are designed for the entire first year of life, ages 0-12 months. They’re a bit loose on my one month old, but it’s nothing I would notice if I wasn’t looking for it. I appreciate the fact that she’ll be able to grow into them.

I also appreciate that the Trumpette Lucias are strong enough to be machine washable. I don’t actually do it, not as a fan of eco-friendly living, but their durability means that they hold up while I clean them in the tub. I can’t tell you how many times baby clothes have simply ripped apart in my hands when they proved too delicate to withstand a good old-fashioned scrubbing!


All in all, I’d definitely recommend Trumpette Lucia Baby Girl Socks to anyone who wants cute, safe slipper shoes for their young infant. Whether you’re joining me in daydreams of Julliard or just taking advantage of an affordable multi-pack of socks, people everywhere are going to be complimenting you on your baby’s footwear.

Here are three places to find the Trumpette Lucias:


There are other reviews on these sites as well. You’ll see that I’m not alone in my five-star rating of these great socks!

Now, excuse me while I go watch Swan Lake!

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