Shush Sleepy Baby

Establishing a proper sleep schedule is essential for the developmental growth of your little one. This is a handy and useful product that can gently lull your infant to sleep with a light shushing sound. This product features customizable volume controls so that you can ensure your baby gets a good night’s sleep without keeping the whole household awake. Use the built-in timer to get even those who resist to drift off. The timers are available in 15-minute or 30-minute intervals. Use this baby shushing machine to help your child establish a healthy schedule and keep yourself well rested at the same time.

What Does the Machine Do?

This machine is guaranteed to add to your valuable time. It runs on two AA batteries, which are included for you so you can start using it the instant you take it out of the packaging.The sound this device emits uses a real human voice so your child is sure to be lulled to sleep quickly and with ease. If you find that your infant needs physical rocking as well as soothing sounds, this machine comes with a lanyard for your wrist so you can easily multitask.

Are There Any Safety Concerns?

You can rest assured that your baby will be safe when you use this device. It is small enough to tuck into a crib but poses no choking hazard. Made of a smooth silicone, this sleep sound machine is easy for infants to grab and can provide a surface that is good fo them to gnaw on. Be sure not to submerge ths device in liquid and change the batteries when it is necessary. This is simple to keep clean, needing only to be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Where Can I Purchase This?

This useful machine may be purchased from Amazon, Buy Buy Baby or Target. If you find that it does not help your infant drift off to sleep, any of these retailers allow you to return it. Contact the retailer directly for their specific return policies.

This small device will help your baby drift off to a gentle sleep with the help of a human voice making soothing sounds. Instilling in your child a good sleep schedule is so important for healthy development and it can help you catch up on your rest. It is a crucial device for a happy, healthy baby. Enjoy the smooth plastic that it is made from and how easy it is to clean.

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