Sing a Song

All mothers want their children to have the best start in life, academically a well as in regard to their health. This VTech KidiStudio is not only a fun toy, but it provides the help that your child will need to expand their horizon. It’ like a myriad of fun instruments in one, and even includes a working microphone so your baby can record and playback any and all goings-on around them. It also has several fun sound effects, including a record scratch that children can use to make their sentences interesting to all who hear them.


This toy looks like a keyboard but do not be fooled. It includes a variety of sounds in addition to a regular piano. It also has a microphone, so children can play back the sounds they encounter and their own voice. They can change the speed of the music that they create and sing along with their favorite songs. There are over 40 songs included in this toy, from techno to rock and roll, so they are sure to find one that they like.


This toy is so much fun, even the sharpest child will hardly suspect that it is educational. It not only teaches and reinforces pretend play, but also teaches children to use their creativity. They will learn all about the different instruments available to them, In karaoke mode, it teaches children about the tempo of a song as well as the rhythm they might need. The biggest thing this toy can teach a child is the fun and use of pretend play. You will see your child having a ton of fun and learning at the same time all about the skills they will need throughout life.

Where to Buy

Finding the best deal on a children’s toy is important to many of us, You can search for it on sites that help you compare prices, such as the one here, or find it on Amazon or the VTech site itself. One thing is for certain, no matter where you buy it, you know your child will have a ton of fun and learn a lot at the same time.

Whether it is for their birthday, Christmas or a “just because I love you” gift, the VTech KidiStudio is sure to be one toy that they will not easily get bored of. It’s fun, so cool and your child can even pretend to be a DJ by making use of the record scratch sound effect this toy has.

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