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Sing Your Heart Out – VTech Baby Babble & Rattle Microphone Review
As a new mom I am on the hunt for any and all products that can help entertain and also engage my little one. At 6 months old she is wanting to learn and interact with everything. I find she loves and adores music and color. While shopping for some of the latest baby toys that offered fun music I came across the VTech Baby Babble And Rattle Microphone. Not only was it a huge hit with my daughter but I also enjoyed interacting with her with it as well.

The Baby Babble And Rattle Microphone is a fun unique microphone that helps to amplify the sound of your child’s voice. Babies and toddlers love hearing themselves babble and talk. This helps to engage them and also helps them to build their motor skills. I love singing to my daughter with the microphone as she giggles along.

Aside from just building motor skills the microphone helps to build interactions and movements as well. Shaking the toy allows little ones to learn about movement but also allows them to hear fun sounds and phrases. The microphone features over 60 songs as well as melodies and sounds. The microphone even rattles off phrases to help encourage learning and talking. Little ones love singing along and my daughter picked up the songs very quickly. Some of the melodies include rock and roll as well as classical.

The toy makes for a great birthday or Christmas gift or just a great toy idea to help get babies interacting more. The microphone requires three AAA batteries and is recommended for babies and toddlers age 3 months to 3 years old. It definitely comes in at least two colors, blue and pink and may even be available in other colors. The microphone is lightweight and easy to use so babies can carry it around everywhere especially for entertainment on the go. The Babble And Rattle Microphone is available online and in many different retailers around the world. The toy can be found on Amazon or even at Buy Buy Baby. The Vtech Baby Babble Rattle can also be found at Walmart.

Overall I would recommend the microphone to any parent or caretaker looking to give their child a fun new toy that offers music and vocabulary learning. I would rate the toy a 4.5 and would probably give a 5 if the batteries included lasted a little longer.

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