Sit, Play and Learn

Animal Island’s Sit, Play and Learn will have your child busy for hours at a time and they will actually be learning! In this age of technology, we all have our full screen devices and your toddler is no different. Animal Island’s Sit, Play and Learn is the full screen device for your toddler to get their brain thinking and deliver high-quality education and content.

What is it?
It’s essentially a full screen electronic tablet type device on a colorful stand that is loaded with a ton of educational content that will get your toddler thinking, learning and laughing. This device is hands-free and subscription-free which means it’s perfect for every toddler to sit down with and enjoy. There are three preloaded modes to keep your toddler busy for a long time, they are the broadcast for exposure mode, session for learning mode and lullaby for sleepy babies mode. It’s more than enough content to keep your toddler’s mind active and learning for long periods of time. I enjoyed that all I had to do was turn it on and my toddler knows that it’s time to sit down and learn. I don’t even have to tell them about it, they naturally are just drawn to it because of how fun it is.

What does it teach?
It teaches everything a toddler might not learn for a few more years to keep them advanced compared to their peers. Lessons range from sing alongs to ABCs and learning numbers, shapes and words. It also keeps track of the curriculum milestones for your toddler so you can know exactly where your child is at and how they’re doing. One of my favorite parts about this system is that it’s connected to the app in my phone and I’m available. This way I can check in on my child and even send them pictures and videos. I used this feature most to monitor my child’s screen time and make sure that they weren’t using the device too much. Too much screen time is a bad thing but a moderate amount of learning and screen time benefits my child a lot.

What do the reviews say?
Just like any review of any product, there are positive ones and negative ones. It works great for me and a ton of other parents but no item is perfect and every item has the chance of breaking down and malfunctioning. I personally give this item five stars out of five. It works great for me and my family and gives me time to myself by letting my child spend time alone while they learn. I really enjoyed the product and suggest it for anyone looking to keep their toddler busy. It can be found at Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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