Sleep Tight Little Darling

American Baby Company Mattress Pad Covers

As a new or soon-to-be new parent, you understandably want to take every step possible to ensure that your little one has a peaceful and healthy night of sleep on a regular basis. Mattresses can easily collect and hold onto unhealthy particles that range from dust mites to bacteria. Mattresses of little ones may also get dirty from diaper accidents, spit up and other events. Because it is not possible to place the entire mattress into the washing machine, placing a protective cover over the mattress is the best option. The American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Crib & Toddler Crib Size Fitted Mattress Pad Cover is the ideal option.

There are many mattress covers that you can purchase to protect your little one’s mattress, but the American Baby Company Organic Cotton cover may be the best option for a number of reasons. While this may not be the most affordable option available, it is reasonably priced for most budgets. It is designed to provide your little one with a comfortable, plush surface to sleep on with its quilted design, but it offers many additional benefits that you will not find in some of the cheaper alternatives.

For one, the American Baby Company fitted mattress pad is designed with an organic cotton surface that has been woven into an interlocking design. It resists penetration of a wide range of debris types. With its middle layer comprised of 100 percent breathable polyester, your little one will stay cool and comfortable with this pad underneath him or her. In addition, the final lower layer is completely waterproof. Babies unfortunately will get their bedding wet from time to time. Diaper leaks, spit up and other issues will impact the bedding, and these issues can result in unhealthy conditions if they are not cleaned up. The waterproof layer protects the actual mattress from damage and exposure to moisture. The entire mattress cover can easily be removed and cleaned as needed. It is machine washable, and it is designed to remain in excellent condition after numerous washes.

While you may want to find a great way to keep your baby’s mattress clean and to promote a healthy, comfortable night of sleep, you also want the mattress cover to be functional for your convenient use. This is a fitted cover that is designed to be used with most traditional crib mattresses. It measures 28-inches by 52-inches, and it can accommodate a mattress that is up to nine inches thick. This means that it will conform to most crib and toddler mattresses with ease. It slides easily yet snugly over the mattress, making it convenient to remove and replace as needed.

The unfortunate truth is that you may find yourself washing your little one’s bedding several times a week or more due to a number of different types of accidents that can occur while your little one lays in his or her cozy bed. Protecting the mattress is a necessity, but choosing the right cover is important. Everything from your baby’s comfort and health to the protection of the mattress will be dependent on the quality of the cover you select.

While there are several types of covers that you can purchase for your baby’s bedding, your little darling will sleep tight when you choose to use the American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Crib & Toddler Crib Size Mattress Pad Cover. This is the cover that you can easily order online today, and you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your baby’s comfort and health needs are met while he or she sleeps in the crib. This is a product that is worthy of five out of five stars for practicality, comfort and value.

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