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While the concept of giving a child a video camera as a gift was unheard of ten years ago, many companies have gone on to specifically create cameras that are safe and durable enough for children to use. At the forefront of this business sector The Vatenic Kids Toys for 3-10 year olds is the perfect digital camera to give to children that fit that age bracket.

Camera Quality
Digital cameras for children are a dime a dozen. What makes Vatenic unique is that its camera is equipped with a 1080 high definition IPS display. The camera itself is able to capture images in 5 megapixels. As such, in comparison to the other cameras, it gives kids the ability to take high quality photos as well as high definition videos.

Interestingly enough, based on the fact that the camera features 6 buttons, one would assume that it’s lacking in features. In all actually it’s quite the opposite. The company ensured that the layout was simple enough for children to use, but it’s also rich in various features. Some of the features of this camera include: video recording, video playback, photo captures and a vast amount of photo filters.

Safety and durability
Vatenic uses an eco-friendly approach to the materials that’s used in its production. The mini camera is a testament to this fact. The materials used are completely non-toxic. In addition to that, it also consists of durable drop-resistant structure which means it can be dropped a couple times, without loosing its ability to function. The camera itself is fairly light and small. This enables it to fit perfectly into the hands of small children between 3-10.

Battery Life
The camera consists of a 3.7V lithium battery that can be charged via USB slot. At a capacity of 500 MaH, it can operate for up to 3 hours before it needs to be charged. The camera is also equipped with power saving features such as an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in if the device isn’t used for a few minutes.

Customer Service
Their customer service hotline remains open for 24 hours a day. As such, buyers can reach the manufacturers of it via email or by phone if a problem ever arises.

Online Reviews
Upon checking the reviews from numerous sites that sell Vatenic Kids Toy Camera, an abundance of positive reviews can be seen. For instance on Sears, we can see numerous reviews which praise the durability of the product while sites like Disney Experience are filled with positive reviews about its numerous features.

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how sophisticated this camera is. It’s definitely something the children would sit down for hours with, to play with its numerous features. Overall, I highly recommend it to any parent that wants to give their child something simple, yet technologically advanced. I give it a solid 4.6/5.

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