Spell Your Name

I think this is a great item to buy for parents of young children. It’s great that the name can be customized for children who may not have a common name (you know the ones that are always on the key chains on vacation). I have a 5-year-old daughter who just finished kindergarten and two toddlers who are about to go to preschool and each of them would love this toy and learn from playing with it.

The puzzle is colorful and has very sturdy letters suitable for children to play with. The puzzle pieces (i.e. the letters) are made of wood as is the puzzle board. The letters are vibrant colors that have durable paint on both sides and the puzzle board is classic unpainted wood. There are a total of seven different colors for the letters and the letters are large enough for a child to be able to play with and successfully spell their name while completing the puzzle. Each of the puzzles is custom made to order and then shipped directly to your home.

This puzzle is a great way for children to learn how to spell their name – a very important early developmental milestone. The toy allows children to enhance their motor skills and also enables them to further their letter recognition. I know this puzzle is something that will equip a child in anticipation of preschool and will put them ahead of their peers from day one. Another great aspect of this puzzle is that it is atheistically appealing and can be put on display in a playroom or a child’s room and not take up space like other toys.

Fat Brain Toys is the brand that makes this puzzle and in my experience,the company makes very quality products. Fat Brain Toys also always commits to having safe, quality products.

The only negative aspect to this toy I can see is that the total letters possible for the puzzle is somewhat limited in that there are a total of 9 letters that can be used. If your child has a name that is longer than 9 letters, like my oldest daughter, I would not recommend this specific puzzle. However, it seems that most names would usually fall within this nine-letter limit.

Currently, it’s sold on Amazon and the puzzle has a total of over 1,500 ratings and has five out of five stars. I would agree with this rating and give the puzzle a 5-star review.

Alternatively, you could purchase directly from Fat Brain Toys.

One other option to purchase this puzzle is through Etsy.

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