Spin the Top

I was very pleased with these brightly painted wooden tops. This set is made up of 6 spinning tops that are hand painted. They are so bright and vibrant and are an eye catcher for young kids. The spinning tops are traditional Indian folk toys crafted from white wood. They have a nice shiny lacquer coating over the paint that will keep them shiny for a long time. The paint is lead-free which is a huge plus for me. I also want to make sure anything that can come in contact with my child’s mouth to be safe. They also do not contain any type of plastic or harmful substances. These toys are hand carved from white wood and are beautifully crafted. They are also pretty light-weight. The only thing I noticed is the colors are picked at random; there is no way to choose what color schemes you will receive.

However, there were quite a few different color patterns and no two that I received were the same which was nice. Another nice feature is that the tops are different sizes so they won’t all be the same exact size as each other. I prefer natural and handmade toys for my kids as much as possible. We definitely try to stick to all-natural toys that are safe as much as we can. These wooden tops definitely kept my kids entertained and they did spin for quite some time. My husband loved playing with them also! The whole family loved playing with these spinning tops, myself included. This type of toy also helped with fine motor skills for my little one. The only downside is I would not recommend this toy to any kids under 18 months. Another plus is I feel these tops are made well. They are sturdy and I don’t have to worry about them breaking easily after being handled by the kids. I think they will last for quite some time. They are priced great, especially for a handcrafted toy, I can’t complain about the price. I really enjoyed this product and would like to see other toys from this line. Spinning tops have been around for centuries and come in all types of materials and sizes but these are some of the nicest ones I have come across.

I would give this toy 5 stars out of 5.

Here are some sites where the toys are available:
1. Amazon
2. EBay
3. Walmart

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