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With over 5 thousand reviews, the vast majority of which are positive, the Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center is a great toy for baby for less than $10 — at least on Amazon.

The toy is simplicity itself. It has a multi-colored wheel that spins, has small beads within it to make noise, and a wheel that babies can spin, bat and tug at. Inside are other colorful items to keep baby interested.

As one mother reported reviewing the toy, “This is the only “toy” that my 8 month old likes to play with (otherwise she prefers boxes, bags and other non-toys to play with). This toy was a great distraction on a 14 hour plane ride and I was able to stick it on the fold down tray and even more exciting was when I stuck it on the airplane window. The wheel spins fast and freely and the beads inside make a fun tinkering sound.”

Think we’ve selected a “ringer of a review?” You’d be wrong, There are hundreds of reviews where people feel the Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center is the greatest thing going in the baby toy category.

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Is Sassy Wonder Wheel a good toy? Consider this: It’s number 2 rated baby activity toy on Amazon. The manufacturer sells makes literally millions of dollars per year in profits.

Is it a perfect toy? … Well, no.

There are three issues that moms have with the Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center.

The first is stickability. The toy is designed to stick to high chairs, strollers and other stickable surfaces. Around 20 percent of customers complain that their babies easily knock them off in play.

One clever mother, however, noticed that while she had the same problem, by wiping the sticking surface with a baby wipe, over 90 percent of the time, that solved the problem.

A second issue is in cleaning. The Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity center has a lot of ridges and surfaces, and so particularly when eating, it’s quite easy for baby, naturally, to get the surface covered in baby food.

While cleaning isn’t mentioned as a problem by the majority of moms, I can tell you from personal experience you may need to spend an extra five minutes cleaning this toy after use. To me, it’s no big deal, but in fairness, we mention it.

Finally, the toy isn’t perfectly waterproof, so expect a little trapped trapped water now and then, especially if you clean it in a dishwasher, which this mom does all the time.

All and all, I’d rate this product a 4.9 out of five stars, which is darn good for a baby product that will keep your little one entertained for hours.

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