Spin The Wonder Wheel

As mothers, we all want to give our little dears toys that will keep them entertained so we could go on with what we are doing. Toys also help keep the baby happy and stimulate their brain at an early stage. But, as mothers, we too are always particular of the kinds of toys that our babies play with.

While we want to keep them entertained we also want to make sure that they are safe playing with the toy. Also, we do not want to put them in danger should they try to put the toy in their mouth. Interestingly, there is a toy in the market today that many mothers like. Meet the Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center.

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

The Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center is a toy consist of a spinning brightly-colored wheel and cascading beads. The spinning wheel entices the baby to tug, reach, and bat. It also stimulates the baby’s hand to eye coordination. Additionally, there are colorful beads trapped in a transparent structure. This helps the baby link sound to sight.

The rotating centerpieces offer high-level visual tracking that helps strengthen the baby’s motor skills. Interestingly, the Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center comes with several texture points. These points stimulate the baby’s tactile ability. Moreover, it has a suction cup base that allows mothers to mount it to any flat surface like table tops and high chairs.


Keeps The Baby Entertained For A Long Time

Unlike other toys, the Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center keeps the baby entertained for a long period of time. I simply place it on the high chair or on the walker, floor, or tables and my baby could play it for a long period of time. It has colorful beads that cause sound; it spins, twists around its base, rotates, and has vibrant colors.

Suction Base Easily Attaches Everywhere

As mentioned above, this toy easily attaches to any flat surface. I no longer have a problem of my baby throwing the toy and me picking it up, cleaning it, and giving it back.

Very Durable

It has been a couple of years since we purchased the Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center and until now it still looks fairly new. There are times when I forgot mounting its base and my baby would throw it across the room, beaten on a table, and bitten. So far, the pieces are still intact and the toy miraculously has no crack.

Fairly Priced

The Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center is available in Amazon, eBay, and Buy Buy Baby. It is around $6.69 at Amazon, $7.99 at Buy Buy Baby, and $7.95 at eBay.

I was really amazed that my baby would love such a simple toy but brain-stimulating toy. This toy has become one of the items that we bring with us wherever we go. Most probably, I will purchase another one for emergency purposes. The Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center is absolutely a 5-star product and parents should buy one for their babies too.

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