SpongeBob Adventure

Fisher-Price Imaginext SpongeBob SquarePants Glove World

As a mom to a young kid, the quality of toys are important to me. I need a toy that will last and that will entertain my kids for hours. Personally, any imaginext toy I’ve purchased has always lasted for years and quickly turn into my kid’s favorite toy. This SpongeBob Glove World toy by Imaginext is really authentic (yes, I admit I watch SpongeBob). My daughter also has Bikini Bottom playset from the line, which includes more than 5 different play sets. My son is 5 and he plays well with –this toy. I’d say about 3 is the minimum age just because of the small parts. It really fosters growth and imagination, and my child played with this for a couple hours without even turning on the television, which I really loved. I love that the toys are detailed and come with many different removable parts. This set is just the cutest thing, complete with SpongeBob and Patrick action figures, glove balloons, and glove hats it even made me want to play with it. It includes a working roller coaster, ferris wheel, a swing ride, and a tunnel ride, 5 different activities in one! Let’s start with the roller coaster, aside from the fact that it has a safety bar to keep SpongeBob and Patrick in, it also features a “Fiery Fist ‘O’ Pain”, a saw, a projectile launcher, and a *SpongeBob’s grandpa’s voice* a ninety-degree angle. The swing and the ferris wheel are fully functioning, each including a safety belt. The swing ride features a circular part where you can prop SpongeBob in and spin him around, which in turn spins the swing ride around. Next to that is a SpongeBob sized fun mirror. Finally the “Tunnel of Glove” that features a tiny boat that when a figurine is placed on the spinning stand moves along through the tunnel. Besides the quality of toys that come with the Imaginext brand, the colorful amusement parks is very reminiscent of the real Glove World on TV. This toy is really simple and easy to play with and is durable and can stand up against the best of toddlers and young kids. The price is very reasonable for how big this toy is. I’d recommend getting the whole line for hours of play time. These are very good quality toys. You can buy it online from different retailers listed below:


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