Straws for Fun Spelling

As a mother of two, I value any toy that has educational value and can keep young children occupied. Spelly Straws are reusable drinking straws that come with 44 colored letters so kids can spell words that become their straw. The straws are made up of whatever letters you choose in addition to clear connector pieces. The clear connectors are 2 straight pieces, a heart, and a hashtag.

What I really appreciate about these straws is how easy they are to clean. I’m sure any mom can relate to the challenge of cleaning long reusable straws and the fact that these straws are made up of short pieces is a lifesaver! It still would’ve been nice if a small straw cleaner was included. When I first saw this product, cleanliness was the first thing that popped into my head. I was thrilled to find out that the liquid only goes through the cylinder portion of the letter and not through the intricate bends of the letter.

My 4 year old daughter really enjoyed these straws because she is learning how to spell her name in school. Since they double or triple on more popular letters, my daughter was able to spell her name though the options may be limited for long or complex names. This product is marketed as a potential party favor so the names of the children should be considered when making this decision. This product does not come with storage so you will have to use a small bag or box to keep all of the pieces together. This isn’t a deal breaker for me but certainly something to consider if you plan on giving them away as party favors.

These straws are made from food-grade BPA free plastic which is really important to me and my family. You can read more about BPA regulations here. I prefer to hand wash my straws but they are dishwasher safe so it’s good to know I can toss the pieces into the utensil section of my dishwasher if I’m in a hurry. There is a safety factor to consider as the components must be pushed together tightly and can be difficult to pry apart when it’s clean up time. I’ve been the only one to pull them apart and suggest that only adults perform this task. Since we make sure to push all of the pieces together tightly, we haven’t had any issues with leaks.

Spelly Straws can currently be purchased on Amazon, Fun Stuff Toys, and Walmart.

I rate Spelly Straws 3 out of 5 stars because the letters are limited and some parents will have to buy more than one pack. My rating is also based on lack of storage and the fact that I needed to use my own straw cleaner.

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