Stress Relief Cuties

These are a safe and natural product that have my full support. The products are fantastic for new mothers, mothers already with children and mothers who need a little stress relief themselves. The fact that these are natural products aimed to be safe for children allows me to feel relief and ease. In addition, these are very reasonably priced! Sometimes the price can make or break us from buying things, but I do believe these are worth it and you will thoroughly enjoy them!

I know there is always hesitation when buying new products because we never know if kids will enjoy them or if they are safe. My kids like the cute animals and how squishy they are! We got the 3 pack with an owl, panda and squirrel. They are about the size of an adult’s hand, and when squished, they return back to their original state very quickly. My husband has also enjoyed these as much as the kids and I do! My daughter prefers the squirrel, my son enjoys the owl and my husband takes the panda. Mom apparently doesn’t get to join in on the fun because it’s only a pack of 3!

I actually bought another set just for myself at work and to have a few extra for all of us to enjoy. My job can gives me anxiety so these are a go-to when I’m feeling stressed by the pressures of my job. All you need to do is squish and somehow it calms me down! What kind of science is that? I have gotten many compliments from my coworkers asking me where to get these cute stress relievers, too. Here is the link to the product on Amazon. See, adults can have fun with these, too! I found these are also available at Ubuy and Fado.

I would recommend a 5 star for these adorable toys! I love that they are able to keep us entertained and help with stressful things that come up in life. If they can put a smile on my face, I’m quite certain they will be able to do the same for you. My hope is that other families will be able to enjoy these as much as my family and I do. It’s always hard finding products that are affordable, safe and entertaining, but I do believe these deserve all the hype they can get! I hope this review helps and can provide clarity coming from a mother of two.

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