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Interactive vibrating plush toys
I really liked these plush baby toys that hang from the stroller or rocker. I have it attached to the front of the stroller so that my baby can grab it easily. Most of the time he just chews on it and it keeps him busy and distracted. I move it to the baby gym and clip it to one of the numerous loops on the edges of the activity mat during tummy time. When I make it vibrate or beep he tries to reach for it to play. I could also move it to the crib to hang on top, but I prefer if the toy is near enough so that he can reach it to play with it.

The safety plastic ring is easy to use and wide enough so that it attaches to the stroller, rocker or high chair as a clip. It bends a bit to go around the handle bars and can be removed just as easily, but not by pulling it off so that the baby cannot detach it by accident.

The plush toy engages the baby’s attention using all sensory systems. It has hard plastic loops to bite on or pull, which are very useful especially when teething. The plastic loops are very well attached and not removable so they are safe for the baby.

The toys are plush and soft in the middle easy to squeeze and comfortable to sleep with. They are small so I do not think there is any danger of suffocating. One of the best features is that they are made of different materials with different feels and textures for exploring and learning and to keep them interested. For example the puppy’s ears sound like crumbling paper to the touch.

Of course it wouldn’t be the perfect toy if it did not make any sounds. When the toy is shaken it makes a soft beeping sound which attracts the baby’s attention. The vibrating feature is fun. When he pulls the tail it vibrates back into place, and also when the entire toy is pulled away from the clip the entire toy vibrates back into place. At first it startled him, but then he kept pulling it to make it vibrate. I did notice it requires a bit of dexterity to pull it hard enough to vibrate, so it helps in developing those hand and finger muscles and their hand-eye coordination.

Overall, as far as an all-in-one toy for developing hand-eye coordination, awakening feel and touch sensors, these are the best value for your money. I would be comfortable rating these interactive toys 5 out of 5 stars. There are many shapes and colors available. sells the puppy toys on the link below, however you can find a dragon with vibrating wings from and other shapes and colors from


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