The Big Red Barn

Battat Big Red Barn Provides Hours of Learning and Fun
The Big Red Barn – Animal Farm Playset by Battat is a fun and simple learning toy recommended for kids 18 months and older. I love and appreciate animals and it means a lot to me to pass down this appreciation to the amazing kids in my life. This playset comes with a 2-story barn that opens up along with one farmer, one cow, one horse, one sheep, and one adorable pig. The barn features double doors that both open as well as 3 half doors on the opposite side. Including the half barn doors, there is a total of 9 windows that the animals can peek out of. There is a convenient handle on top for easy transport.

For the price point, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of this barn. It’s so big that a small 18 month old might have problems carrying it. The parts are sturdy and the colors are beautiful and bright. On the inside, there are little areas where the animals can eat and rest. There is a small nest that appears to be for chickens though this set didn’t come with a chicken. I’m thinking about buying similar sized animals to make the set feel like a complete farm.

What I appreciate about this playset is the simplicity of design. There aren’t any noise or light components that require batteries, so that’s one less thing for a parent to worry about. I actually enjoy imitating animal sounds and teaching kids to make these sounds. The animals and farmer are big enough for toddlers from 12 to 17 months to safely handle them. This playset is made in China so I decided to visit the Battat website for more information. Battat says that they conduct random on-site audits and that all of their toys meet U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards.

There are a few factors that make this toy less than 5 stars for me. Since the barn can open and close, I get worried that little fingers could get pinched when closing the barn. It hasn’t happened, but it’s always on the back of my mind. Although I like the handle at the top, transporting this set doesn’t always work out because the figures tend to fall out from one of the many windows. Going back to the chicken topic, I found it odd to build a chicken area but not include a chicken.

I would definitely recommend this playset to parents of toddlers. You can buy this set on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and I rate this playset 4 out of 5 stars because despite the minor flaws, I really do love the quality and value.

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