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Seventh Generation

Like a lot of moms, I’m concerned about every single substance that touches my baby’s skin. Recent press about the potential dangers of cosmetic additives, like parabens and sulfates, had me hunting for a natural baby shampoo free and clear of irritants and potential carcinogens. I settled on Seventh Generation Baby Shampoo and Wash, and I’m glad I did!

Seventh Generation has an excellent reputation for making high quality, affordable, natural products. Despite being around since 1988, they’re still privately owned and operated. Their products are natural, made from sustainable resources and are never tested on animals. I like the sound of that!

Even though they have such a great reputation, I was worried about the reports I’ve been hearing of so-called “natural” products containing synthetic ingredients. I took a look at this wash’s ingredients, and there they were: two synthetic preservatives. I couldn’t believe that such a respectable company would add anything dangerous to their products, though, and so I delved a little deeper.

I was happy to discover that Seventh Generation is very open about the ingredients they use. They have a complete safety data sheet right on their website. The two synthetic preservatives are actually lab-synthesized versions of natural compounds. They are well-researched for topical use and pose no risks. Neither of them absorb easily through the skin, and even if my little one was to swallow a few suds during bath time, the preservatives are recognized as safe for food use by the FDA.

My worries calmed, I went ahead and ordered a bottle. You can find it at Target as well as these online retailers:
1. Amazon

I love this product. The foam dispenser makes it easy to get just the right amount of product, and the pump is great for bath time use. It has a light, citrusy fragrance with a hint of olive oil in the background. I love it when you can tell a product is natural while you use it.

Does it work? Absolutely. Unlike some other natural baby washes I read reviews of, the no-tears formula truly is no-tears. Don’t let the thin foam and light lather fool you. A little bit will go a long way. Many natural products omit lathering agents because they’re harsh and unnecessary. Lather is there for show, not cleaning power. A small amount cleans wonderfully, and using a lot of any product just to see lather will strip your baby’s skin.

As for irritation, there wasn’t a red patch in sight. There’s no itchiness, no redness and no dryness, even if I used it daily. I can assure you that you’ll get the same result as long as you work with the light lather. I give this foam wash five out of five stars. Give it a try!

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