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Tummy Time with an Awesome Playmat

The iBeleby Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat, Mermaid Baby Playmat is the perfect activity center for your little ones. This play mat has a variety of features that are beneficial to both the babies and their parents in a multitude of ways. While you can rest assured that the center will keep your child entertained, your child will also stimulate your child’s brain development and mental growth. Additionally, this play mat is convenient for parents. For example, the iBeleby play mat is also travel friendly, and is great for use on the go. Whether you are considering purchasing a play mat for your little ones, or the newborns of someone close to you, the iBeleby Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat, Mermaid Baby Playmat may be just what you are looking for.

If you are considering purchasing a play mat for your bundle of joy, then this product is just what you are searching for. In addition to cool features that are sure to keep your child entertained, you can also rest assured that your bundle of joy will be safe while using this quality made product. The splash pad mat is made with heavy-duty EVO-PVC and tested by CPSIA to ensure each product is reliable and safe for your children. Its heavy-duty material protects the mat from tears and leaks. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about air or water leakage from your product, as Beleby guarantees each product is inspected for high quality before being sent out. Although unlikely, if you happen to get a malfunctioning product, Beleby has a 100% money back guarantee.

The iBeleby play mat will make a great addition to your home. While your baby will have tons of activities and fun, it is also a great development tool. With this baby play mat your child’s motor skills and sensory will be stimulated. You can also expect this play mat to improve your child’s neck muscles and mental development. In addition to furthering your child’s development, this play mat is great as it is very travel friendly. With its easy to fold material, you can literally take this fun filled play mat anywhere. This product is also very easy to find as it is featured on a variety of sites; to include Amazon, Ebay, and the Beleby site. In addition to being listed on a variety of sites, the play mat is also cost efficient. Whether you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift or something to help your child’s development, this play mat may be everything you need and more as it is certainly a five-star play mat.

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